Venefit Closure Fast

– Main vein insufficiency
– The need of fast recovery

Pro’s of VENEFIT Closure
– Less pain
– Faster recovery
– Less scars
– Both legs can be treated during one procedure.

A speciel catheter is introduced inside the vein under ultrasonography guidence. It is then placed in the groin area. Special fluid is injected around the vein to compress it. The possition is checked by means of USG. The generator is turned on and heat is generated at the end of the catheter. This Closes the vein. The catheter is slowly pulled out and the vein is closed step by step. Sometimes a small incision in the groin area is needed if the main vein is excessively dialeted. If small varicose veins are present on the leg/legs small incisions are made 1-2mm and a special hook is used to remove them (Varada method)
This type of treatment is the “gold standard”. It is less painfull, has faster recovery.
It is effective. After 5 years 94% of veins treated remain closed.

– Compressive stocking for up to 4-6 weeks.
– Suture removal 7-10 days after the surgery (if necessary)
– Normal physical activity recommended
– Antithrombosis prophylaxis for 7days after surgery.
– Avoiding exercise, sun, sauna, heat for at least 2 weeks.

Deep venous thrombosis. Pregnancy and breast feeding. Skin infections. Medication such as blood thinning. Cancer, autoimmune diseases.