Plasma Complex

What is Plasma Complex
Innovative formula gives spectacular effects. It contains highly concentrated growth factors and steam cells giving the skin a maximum boost to regenerate.
It is made of two fractions: I-PRF – highly concentrated steam cells, growth factors which stimulate the skin. S-PRF – structural fibrin which creates a 3-D frame for the regenerating tissue.
The procedura is natural, safe and effective.

How does Plasma Complex work?
– higly stimulating Anti-Aging therapy
– as a filler to decrease the depht of wrinkles and skin folds
– stimulates collagen production
– accelerates regeneration of the skin/wounds/difficult wounds
– regenerates connective tissue

– decreases wrinkle depth
– rejuvinates delicate skin (around the eyes, face, heck, hands)

Plasma Complex is safe, its natural, prepared from the patients own blood. No risk of allergic reacions.

Pregnandy and breast feeding. Medications such as antibiotick, blood thinning medication. Neurological diseases. Allergy to botulinum toxin components. Infection in the area planned for treatement.

Takes about 40min.
1 Drawing blood and sepparating STRUCTURAL FIBRIN. Injecting obtained substance in the planned areas.
2 Drawing blood and sepparating CELL RICH FIBRIN. Injecting obtained substance in the planned areas.

After the procedure – what to expect?
Swelling and small bruises may appear. All those effects dissapear afeter a few days.

Do I need to repeat the treatement?
The effect depend on the patients own skin response. It is recommended to perform 3 treatments 4 weeks appart to achieve a full result. If you wish to repeat the treatement you can. It will give a better effect when repeated.

Side effects
Very rare. Usually due to the injection itself-small swelling, redness which dissapear aftera a couple of minutes. Small bruises may appear.

After the procedure you may go back to your normal everyday activities.

It is recommended that for 7-10 days after the procedure you should avoid intense physical training, sunbeds, sun, sauna.