Lypolysis injections cause the reduction of local fat deposits

Small, local fat deposits.

What areas undergo treatment?
– double chin
– small lypomas
– gynecomastia
– small local fat deposits in different body areas

When will I see the effects?
It takes some time for the lypolytic substance to work and for the body to absorb the dissolved fat. It takes a couple of weeks for that to occur. Sometimes the procedure needs to be repeated.

Pregnandy and breast feeding. Medications such as antibiotick, blood thinning medication. Neurological diseases. Allergy to botulinum toxin components. Infection in the area planned for treatement.

After medical consultation, individual treatment plan is made according to patients expectations. Anaesthetic cream may be applied before the treatment. Lypolytic substance (Aqualyx) is then injected in the treated area to achieve the desired effect.

After the procedure the patient may go back to normal everyday activities.

After the procedure – what to expect?
Swelling and small bruises may appear. All those effects dissapear afeter a few days.

Do I need to repeat the treatement?
If you wish to repeat the treatement you can. It will give a better effect when repeated.

Side effects
Very rare. Usually due to the injection itself-small swelling, redness which dissapear aftera a couple of minutes. Small bruises may appear.

After the procedure you may go back to your normal everyday activities.

It is recommended that for 7-10 days after the procedure you should avoid intense physical training, sunbeds, sun, sauna.