Operacja klasyczna (stripping)

Classic surery (STRIPPING) of varicose veins
The aim of surgery is to remove varicose veins and veins that were diagnosed with insufficiency. The extent of the surgery depends on the individual patient.
During the surgery small incisions are made on the skin to expose and remove varicose veins. If one of the main superficial veins has to be removed then an incision in the groin area and near medial ankle or below the knee is made and a special probe (stripper) is introduced so the vein can be removed. Smaller varicose veins are removed by 1-2mm incisions and a special hook (Varada method). After the surgery a comressive dressing is made.

Varicose veins. Venous insufficiency (diagnosed by Doppler ultrasound)

Possible complications
Very rare concidering the number of this type of surgery (about 1%)
– bruises
– sweling
– haematoma
– infection
– venous thrombosis or thrombophlebitis
– nerve damage: sensory nerves. This complication causes local changes in skin sensitivity

What if I don’t undergo surgery?
Venous insufficiency will progress and cause complications such as skin changes, wounds that are difficult to heal, thrombosis-blod clots inside the veins.

Deep venous thrombosis. Pregnancy and breast feeding. Skin infections. Medication such as blood thinning. Cancer, autoimmune diseases.

Full recovery 4-8 weeks. Depends on the individual patient.

– Compressive stocking for up to 6-8 weeks
– Suture removal 7-10 days after the surgery
– Normal physical activity recommended
– Antithrombosis prophylaxis for 7days after surgery
– Avoiding exercise, sun, sauna, heat for at least 2 weeks