Botulinum toxin (“botox”)

The use of botulinum toxin.
Botulinum toxin known as “botox” has been used for medical purposes for many years. It found its way to aesthetic medicine due to its amazing effects on wrinkle reduction. It works by blocking or reducing the activity of eg facial muscles. That in turn makes wrinkles less visible. Some of the wrinkles dissapear completely.

Botulinum toxin also reduces sweating. It can be used on areas such as: armpits, palms and feet to reduce sweating.

– crows feet (around the eyes)
– forehead wrinkles (horizontal)
– wrinkles between eyebrows – vertical (glabellar frown)
– lower eyelid wrinkles
– wrinkles around the lips
– chin wrinkles
– gummy smile
– excessive sweating: palms, armpits, feet

Pregnandy and breast feeding. Medications such as antibiotick, blood thinning medication. Neurological diseases. Allergy to botulinum toxin components. Infection in the area planned for treatement.u.

After medical consultation, individual treatment plan is made according to patients expectations.

Botulinum toxin is then injected in the treated area usung a very thin needle. The procedure is not painfull and usually doesn’t require and anaesthetic. If a patient is very sensitive then a cream such as Emla may be applied to decrease the sensitivity of the skin.

After the procedure the patient may go back to normal everyday activities.

After the procedure – what to expect?
Botulinum toxin doesn’t work straight away. It needs up to 5-10 days to develop its full effect. During this period you may experience a tingling or odd sensation in the treated area. Small bruises may appear. All those effects dissapear afeter a few days.

Do I need to repeat the treatement?
The effect of botulinum toxin lasts up to a few months, usually no longer then 6 months. If you wish to repeat the treatement you can. It will give a better effect when repeated.

Botulinum toxin is tried and tested over many years and is concidered safe to use in aesthetic medicine.

Side effects
Very rare. Usually due to the injection itself-small swelling, redness which dissapear aftera a couple of minutes. Small bruises may appear.

After the procedure you may go back to your normal everyday activities.

It is recommended that for 7-10 days after the procedure you should avoid intense physical training, sunbeds, sun, sauna as it may decrease the effect of the botulinum toxin.