Blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery)

During the consultation the skin on the upper eyelids is marked for planned surgery.
The procedure is performed in local anaesthetic (lidocaine+adrenaline). Skin incisions are made as planned and excess skin and tissue is removed. The wounds are sutured and dressings or steri strips are applied.

Excess loose skin on the upper eyelids. Indications are usually cosmetic.

The purpose of the procedure is to remove excess soft tissue of the upper eyelids.

How to prepare
Depending on the medical history blood tests and other tests may be required.

Recovery is fast. Normal activity allowed right after the surgery. The sutures are removed 5-7 days after the surgery. Sport and exercise are allowed 3 weeks after surgery.
If you have a “desk job” you can go back to work almost straight away.
Effects after surgery:
The effects are visible straitht away but there may still be swelling. The time of full effect depends on each patient. It usually takes days/weeks to see the full effects.

– OTC pain killers
– cool pack use
– avoiding high temperatures, sun, sauna, sun beds.
– light physical activity alloweg
– other recommendation depending on the patient.
– postoperative control 5-7 days to remove sutures.
– ater postoperative check up to see the full result depending on the patient.